Meet Zuzana Kocumova: Winner of the first OCR EC

Meet Zuzana Kocumova: Winner of the first OCR EC

From a very young age Zuzana has loved all kinds of sports. Before OCR she was part of the Czech Republic National cross country skiing team. In 2014 she did her first OCR and this is her third “full season”. Zuzana won last years OCR EC in Female Elite category! This year she will again proudly represent Czech Republic in Elite category at OCR EC in Germany.  We’re very happy to welcome her again! She has won many races and last weekend she made it to first place at Predator Race, winning seems to be a habit of Zuzana. We wanted to know more about this talented obstacle racer. Check out the interview we did with her.

How did you start with OCR and what was your first race?

My friend got injured one day before Spartan Race beast and he tried to find somebody to add to the team. It’s ts not easy to find somebody for such a long and touch race on such  short notice. My first answer was: Sorry, I am not so crazy to crawl in the mud… 🙂

What do you love most about this sport?

I like that you have to use all your body and that you can use every ability from other sports – and also there is a great community of friendly people!

How did you become the successful OCR athlete you are now?

From a young age I did (and I still do) cross country skiing. I think, that this sport in combination with climbing and others outdoors activities I do are the best training for ORC races!

What does your typical training/work-out week look like?

It’s hard to say. I do what I like: Run, MTB, kajak, little bit of strength, climbing, dancing and in the winter cross country skiing. I think I don’t train very hard, but I still have quite a high level from the time, when I was in Czech National cross country skiing team! Most important is to listen to your body.

Which achievements/results are you most proud of?

Two times Spartan world champion.

What is your goal for The OCR European Championship this weekend?

I want to finish within top 3! But OCR is a surprise every time, so everything can happen..

What’s on your OCR ‘to do’ list? Can you tell us something about your goals and dreams regarding obstacle course racing?

To be healthy and enjoy every race, this is the most important thing for me. Also I will start with OCR EC in Germany and the EC in The Netherlands. After that I will do the EC in Spartan race in Andorra.  If my shape and health are good –  I will join for the 3rd Spartan race World Championship!
We can’t wait to see Zuzana race this weekend! Will she keep her title of OCR European Champion? We will have to wait and see. Watch out for this one ladies!