Results Spartan races valid for qualification OCR EC 2017

Results Spartan races valid for qualification OCR EC 2017

Results Spartan races valid for qualification OCR EC 2017

We will accept results from all Spartan races (Sprint, Super & Beast) in Europe as qualification for the OCR European Championship in Germany. This news contributes to the accessibility of the OCR European Championship for the most talented and dedicated OCR athletes throughout Europe.

The following rules apply:
– Results from Spartan events held between June 12, 2016 & May 30, 2017 in Europe are valid.
– Categories: Open | Competitive | Elite
– Top 10 overall qualifies for Elite division of OCR EC 2017
– Top 10 age groups are qualified for age group division of OCR EC 2017

How do I get a confirmation of my qualification?

To receive an official confirmation from us,  send your proof of qualification to
However you can register first and send your proof of qualification later. Tickets are going fast! If you don’t wanna miss OCR EC 2017 register here.

“I have already qualified via one of the Spartan races in 2016..”

That’s great news! Send your result (link or screenshot) to so we can officially confirm and verify your qualification. We do our best to send you a confirmation e-mail within a maximum of 2 days. You don’t have to wait for conformation to register yourself for Elite or age group category.

“I want to qualify via one of the 2017 Spartan races..”

If you have not been qualified yet, there’s still time to do so! You have until May 30, 2017 to qualify yourself at one of the upcoming Spartan races or other qualifying events. Here you can find a Spartan race nearby. We can’t guarantee tickets will be left until that time, so make sure you register yourself in time. As mentioned earlier you can register first and qualify later, a lot of athletes do it this way. Wanna know your qualification options? Check the list of all qualifying events in Europe.

“I did a Spartan Race, but didn’t finish top 10 elite or top 10 age group..”

Do you want to be at the OCR European Championship in Germany? You can! If you haven’t been able to qualify or for whatever reason you don’t expect to qualify,  no worries!

OCR EC 2017 has an open heat: Journeyman & Journeywoman. This category is open to everyone including non-European athletes and ‘OCR Beginners’. The course and obstacles will be the same as it is for Elite and age groups. You will race for honour,victory & non-cash prizes. You will have a shot at earning prizes, other than the prize money. The prize money is only available for the top 3 athletes in the Elite & age group category.


Stay tuned, more news and revelations about the OCR European Championship will follow soon. If you have any questions or require further information, feel free to contact us anytime. We’d be happy to help out.