Every opportunity that’s about experiencing the thrill of OCR is a great opportunity. Any place where passionate OCR fans come together is a great place.


OCR EC is a foundation, which means we are nonprofit. We work together with a team of very dedicated volunteers, sport professionals, athletes, partners and sponsors. The OCR EC foundation is born from the idea that the independence, safety and quality of a European OCR championship should be safeguarded. The interests and needs of OCR athletes all over Europe should be the leading factor while planning this event. In addition we strongly believe it’s important that the OCR European Championship is accessible to many people. A championship that will be held in a different European country each year contributes to the accessibility. The OCR sport is becoming more and more popular and so OCR enthusiasts are located in many different parts and corners of this continent.


Our focus is organizing the Independent Obstacle Course Racing European Championship of 2017 (OCR EC 2017). This event will be held on June 4 in Frankfurt, Germany. Organizing an event like this is not new territory for us. Although our OCR EC foundation has just been established, we are no strangers in the field of OCR and event management in general.

The OCR Independent European Championship is our number one priority. OCR EC 2017 will offer the best to OCR athletes. It’s going to be a very tough championship! It’s a fun job, but not an easy job to organize an event like this. It’s necessary that a team can fully commit themselves to this goal and invest a majority of their time. In our view an independent organization can accomplish this. Therefore establishing this foundation was a right and logical choice for us. We’re doing this in our free (unpaid) time, you could say our passion for OCR is the fuel that gets us going!

Reinforcement & Collaboration

Our desire is to work with OCR athletes, OCR events, sports brands and media at both European and global level. We support all types of collaboration and reinforcement that will benefit the OCR sport and its strong community. Ultimately the point is that we all share the same passion and enthusiasm for this sport. Want to work with us? Feel free to contact us anytime.

First OCR European Championship 2016

The founders of the OCR EC foundation are former members of a European OCR association. Back then, the founders of OCR EC foundation were part of the OCR EC task force. The OCR EC task force was responsible for making the first OCR European Championship happen. All parties involved in the first OCR European Championship of 2016 are still very proud of this achievement. Check out the official after movie of 2016 on our home page.

The 2nd European Championship OCR 2017

In 2017 a total of 2 OCR Championships on continental level will take place: The OCR European Championship in The Netherlands (by the European OCR Alliance) and The Independent OCR EC 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany (by our OCR EC Foundation).

Although we have chosen a different approach regarding the second European Championship OCR, we will not interfere with one another. It’s up to the OCR athletes to decide which European Championship they want to join. We are very pleased that many OCR athletes intend to take part in both European Championships. 

Athletes who want to qualify for OCR EC 2017 should have sufficient opportunities to do so. We want to encourage OCR athletes in all corners of Europe to qualify themselves. We keep working on adding more qualification runs to the list.