Qualify for OCR EC 2017



Divisions OCR EC 2017

You can qualify for OCR EC 2017 in 2 divisions: ELITE & AGE GROUPS. Depending on your results you can qualify for Elite,  Age group or both. At OCR EC 2017 there are 7 age groups:  16-24 | 25-29 | 30-34 | 35-39 | 40-44 | 45-49 | 50+

Open Category: Journeyman & Journeywoman

Journeyman & Journeywoman is our open heat, you don’t need to qualify for this. Everyone is free to register for the journeyman/journeywoman wave. Are you an OCR athlete outside Europe? You can join us too! For this group there are no qualification requirements.  Journeyman/journeywoman will have the same course and obstacles as the elite group and age groups. However, in this division there will not be a money prize for the winners.

Elite group

In general you qualify for OCR EC 2017 Elite when you rank in the top 10 overall at a qualifying run.

Age groups

If you belong to the top 10 of your age group you are qualified to compete in the age group division of OCR EC 2017. You cannot participate in the elite group.

Additional qualification requirements

Please note, that only 50% of the athletes in a gender division or age group are able to qualify themselves. This means that you have to finish in the top 50% of all participants in your age or gender group. This standard also applies to the elite groups. In addition when a specific qualification race does not show the results per age or gender group, you have to be among the top 10 overall. However, we can make exceptions to the the 50% rule in some cases.

For some OCR events there are other requirements. If applicable, this is stated in the table with qualifying runs.

Confirming qualification OCR EC 2017

When you’ve registered in Elite or Age group you must e-mail the proof of qualification to info@ocrec.eu so we confirm and verify.



Qualifying events held between June 12, 2016 & May 30, 2017 are valid for qualification.

You can qualify for the OCR EC 2017 at a large number of OCR events in Europe. Some qualifying races are similar to the ones from the previous European Championship of 2016. We keep working on expanding the list of qualifying events. We accept results achieved by athletes at one or more of the OCR events on the list below. If you have suggestions for qualifying events, feel free to contact us.

Event Country or Region
Distance or group
OCR World Championships International (North-America) Top 3 Elite & Top 3 Age groups
Strong Viking All European editions competition wave (Odin/OCR series)
Spartan All European editions Sprint, Super & Beast
Toughest Race All European Editions Top 10 Age groups & top 15 overall elite
Tough Viking All European editions Top 15 Elite class 

Top 10 Age groups

Excalibur Andorra All groups/distances
Wildsau Austria All groups/distances
Celtic Warrior Austria – 15 & 30 km: top 20 overall qualifies for age groups & Top 10 overall qualifies for elite
– Ultra distance 50+ km: top 15 overall qualifies for age groups & top 10 overall is qualified for elite.- Celtic Warrior Sprint top 10 qualifies for elite
Bison Race Belarus All
Gladiator Run Belgium Competition wave
Titan Run Belgium Zeus competition wave
Medieval Run Belgium Wave 1
Predator Race Czech Republic All groups/distances
Copenhagen Warrior Denmark Top 10 overall qualify for elite/agegroups
Seiklushunt, heroes obstacle race Estonia Competition wave
Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun Nürburgring, Germany 12 km & 24 km
Suzuki Lake Run Germany All groups/distances
Motorman Run Germany All distances
Getting Tough The Race Germany GTTR Original & GTTR Sprint
XLETIX Challenge Germany All Elite participants & top 10 race heat
Runterra Germany All groups/distances
Dragonheartbattle Germany Only top 10 overall
No Guts No Glory Germany 10 km & 16 km
Hell & Back Ireland Elite wave #1
Muck It Ireland 10 km track
The Banna Beast Challenge Ireland All groups/distances
Lamattacorsa Italy All groups/distances
CrossXrace Italy All groups/distances
Inferno Run Italy All groups/distances
Italian Mudrun Experience Italy All groups/distances
Parmigiano Reggiano Hard Run Italy All groups/distances
Farm Run Italy All groups/distances
Scigamatt Italy All groups/distances
Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun The Netherlands 12 & 21 km, competitor wave
Battle of Maestricht The Netherlands Competition wave
Muscle Run The Netherlands Competition wave
Runmageddon (All editions) Poland All groups/distances
OCR League Poland (OCRA Poland) Poland Top 10 overall & top 10 age groups
Survivors Run Portugal All groups/distances
Wild Challenge Portugal All groups/distances
Iron Brain Race Portugal All groups/distances
Hero Race Russia All groups/distances
Gladiator Race Russia Competition Wave
MacTuff Schotland Top 10 overall qualify for elite 

Top 10 under 35 and top 10 over 35 qualify for age groups

Tvrd’ák Race Slovakia All groups/distances
The assault at Mikes Gym April 8 Spain Top 10 female & male qualify for elite and age group
Survivor Race Spain All groups/distances
Gladiator Race Spain All groups/distances
Eagle Race Spain All groups/distances
Mercenani Iber Spain All groups/distances
Farinato Race Spain Competition wave
Iberian Race Spain Competition wave
Unbroken Race Spain – Top 15 male & Top 15 female qualify for age groups 

– Top 10 overall qualify for Elite

Hard Running Spain Competition wave
Dragon Battle Race Spain Competition wave
Desafío Boot Camp Race Spain Competition wave
Nalon Beasts Spain Competition wave
Forest Challenge Spain Competition wave
Extreme Titan Race Spain Competition wave
Teodosio Xtreme Spain Competition wave
Hispano Xtreme Spain Competition wave
Bestial Race Spain Competition wave
Mastadont Race Spain Competition wave
Belik Race Spain Competition wave
Ultimate OCR Sweden All groups/distances 

Ultimate X 3 laps: auto qualify age groups

Survival Run Thun Switzerland 18 km
Race Nation Ukraine All groups/distances
Pukka Races United Kingdom 10 miler
Nuclear Races United Kingdom 12 km & Oblivion
Nuts Challenge United Kingdom – 2, 3 or 4 laps: Top 15 age groups are qualified for age groups. 

– 4 laps: Top 15 athletes overall are qualified for elite.



Warrior Run United Kingdom 14 km
Ram Run United Kingdom 12 & 24 km
The Suffering Race United Kingdom – Pain & Suffering 10 mile: Top 20 by gender qualify, top 5 qualify for elite. 

– Relentless Suffering: Auto qualify if completed within 8 hours for age groups.  Auto qualify for elite if completed within 6 hours.

Bing Blazer United Kingdom 10 & 20 km
Mud Monsters Run United Kingdom 10 & 20 km