Do’s & Dont’s of OCR Racing and training

Do’s & Dont’s of OCR Racing and training

This week we’ve asked James Willcox about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to OCR Racing and training. James is a Elite OCR competitor and also a fitness coach.


Push Yourself.

Wherever you think your breaking point is,  it is not there. It is way past that! You are capable of so much more than you think both on and off the course.

Do More Sprints

Sprints improve multiple aspects of conditioning that will help your performance on race day. Improvements in power, flexibility and recovery are a few of the things sprinting will improve.

Compound Exercises

Compound exercises will help you on the course with things like rope climbs, bucket carries and wall climbs. All of which require you to use multiple muscles at the same time doing different things.


Don’t Be a D$#K

We are all out there to have fun and get muddy! Remember this. If you see someone that needs help (outside of competitive and elite Waves) stop and help them. You might make a new friend or find a running partner! Some of the best people I know in this sport I met either helping them or them helping me.

Don’t Use a Treadmill

Outside of warmups and cooldowns try not to use the Treadmill. Go out and see the world run in your local parks and safe parts of town. Each run should be a new adventure even if you run the same route you will see new things each time.

Don’t wear cotton

Cotton holds a lot of water which adds weight to you! It also causes a lot of chafing that you do not want. This goes for both on and off the course in the gym. Try your best to keep it to no cotton clothing if at all possible.


Written by: James Willcox.

You can follow him @james_ocr on Instagram for great OCR pictures & training inspiration!