Meet Dave de Vries: Dutch OCR Athlete & owner CrossXvest

Meet Dave de Vries: Dutch OCR Athlete & owner CrossXvest
Dave started running OCR years ago, he is motivated and ready to train hard. The OCR European Championships Frankfurt, seems to be the perfect challenge for him! Let’s see what he brings to the field…

When was your first OCR experience?

My first experience was 4-5 years ago, running a local Obstacle event.
There was a lot of mud, dirty trails and cool obstacles!

What do you love most about OCR?

I like the diversity of the sport. Every race brings new challenges and obstacles.
Also I really like to train outdoors, every season of the year has its own beauty.

What does your typical training/work-out week look like?

The combination of running and strength workouts, works the best for me.
I live in the Netherlands near the sea, so there are many great places to train. 75% of my
workouts are by the dikse covered with stones. We don’t have any mountains in the Netherlands, so
improvisation is needed. Slow runs are done with the CrossXvest WeightVest and my dog, Aiko

Which position did you rank at the first European Championship in The Netherlands last year?

I didn’t compete last year, unfortunately I was busy with other things. I watched other athletes crushing the EC  in 2016, and this has motivated me to participate at the OCR EC in Frankfurt!

Can you tell us something about your goals and dreams regarding obstacle course racing?

I want to bring the best version of myself to the field. While competing I believe it’s still very important to keep enjoying the course, trails and your surroundings.
Since everyone is getting better and faster and faster, it’s easy to forget why you actually started with this great sport. The day after, you start to realize what you’ve done and proudly achieved.

What’s your advice to other OCR athletes when it comes to obstacle course racing & training?

Be patience, make a plan and work toward that goal! There is no quick-fix in this sport, you have
to enjoy and let passion takeover. Once this is in progress, great things will come your way!
You can follow Dave and his training routines via Instagram (@davedevriesathlete). You will also see him in action on June 4 at OCR EC!