Meet Anneli Alanko: Swedish Elite Obstacle Racer & OCR EC competitor

Meet Anneli Alanko: Swedish Elite Obstacle Racer & OCR EC competitor

Meet elite OCR athlete Anneli Alanko

Anneli did 21 races in 2016 including OCR World Championships and the OCR European Championship. This year she’s qualified for OCR European Championship in Frankfurt and OCRWC. Anneli is a brand ambassador for Ninja Gears and sponsored by Inov-8. She dedicates most of her time into her OCR passion and has worked very hard for where she is today. We wanted to know more about this passionate athlete from Sweden. So we thought it was time for Q&A with her. Get inspired!

When was your first OCR experience? 
 My first OCR experience was 4-5 years ago.

What do you love most about OCR?
I love everything about OCR! You must be strong, fast and agile. You never know what obstacles you face and you have to overcome your fears. I love tough races! It becomes an even greater challenge to cope with the obstacles when the course is demanding in terms of both surface and topography.

How did you become the professional, trained and sponsored OCR athlete you are today? 
I love the sport and train hard and purposefully. I have participated in many competitions and have received good results. Moreover, I am active on social media and it’s a great way to showcase myself and my sponsors. I think it’s one of the reasons why I get good results and sponsors.

What does your typical training/work-out week look like?
Normally I work out six days a week. Some days I work out twice a day; in the morning I do strength training and cardio in the evening. The days I only work out once a day, it will either be a long jog (17-25 km), obstacle training or indoor climbing.

What achievements are you most proud of?

Last year, I came in second place in the women’s elite class at the Gladiator run in Belgium. I have also finished among top 10 in most races in elite class and have been number one in both age group and the Master Class in most races. During OCR World Championships I finished fourth place and managed to keep the bracelet, which means that I overcame all obstacles.

Which position did you rank at the first European Championship in The Netherlands last year? And what is your goal for the OCR EC 2017 in Frankfurt?
Last year I came first in my age group. However I did not manage to keep my bracelet, so I am not satisfied with the result. My goal is to get to the top 3 at the OCR EC in Frankfurt .


What’s on your OCR bucket list? Can you tell us something about your goals and dreams regarding obstacle course racing?
My biggest dream is to win OCR EC in Frankfurt and the OCRWC in Canada! I have many races on my OCR bucket list for example: Spartan Agoge 60h, Worlds Toughest Mudder, Europe’s Toughest mudder, Rat race dirty weekend etc. I’ll run some of them this year.

What’s your advice to other OCR athletes when it comes to obstacle course racing & training?

  • Have fun!
  • Focus & practise on your endurance and strength
  • Learn by watching others
  • Show sportsmanship


Anneli will represent Sweden in female elite division at OCR EC 2017 in Frankfurt. You can follow her training routine & race adventures on Instagram (@amabrawyin).