Meet Angela Roorda: Dutch OCR athlete & Elite OCR EC competitor

Meet Angela Roorda: Dutch OCR athlete & Elite OCR EC competitor

Angela is a 27-year-old very driven obstacle course racer from The Netherlands. The past year she has achieved a lot with all her hard work! She has lost 20 kg, and her dream to qualify for The OCR European Championship and OCR World Championships became reality as well! On social media she likes to share her journey to inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams and goals. Angela definitely portrays that hard work and dedications pays off! We are very happy to welcome her at OCR EC this weekend and wanted to know more about her. Time for some questions!

When was your first OCR experience?

My first OCR was MudMasters in The Netherlands in 2013. Via my job (I work for the police department) you could sign up and it seemed to be a perfect challenge for me! I have always been sportive, but at that time I did not have any experience with the combination of running, obstacles and strength. I loved my first OCR experience and one month later I joined the next one! I was instantly hooked on this sport.

What do you love most about OCR?

The beauty of OCR is that you have to be a bit of everything. You need to have grip strength, perseverance,  mental stability, psychical and mental toughness. In addition you also have to be a good runner that knows the right techniques to take obstacles.  What I also really love about OCR is the OCR family! Everyone is there to enjoy themselves and to help and motivate each other. At every run this is so great to see and witness! It’s amazing that I can be a part of that.

How did you qualify for The OCR European Championship Frankfurt?

I have qualified via Strong Viking OCR series in Ghent, Belgium. I finished as #10 female overall and #2 in my age group. Afterwards I felt so euphoric, like everything came together! First thing I did was call my boyfriend in tears to share the good news with him. He has supported me all the way and I’m forever grateful for that. I could not have done this without him.

What is your goal at the OCR EC Germany?

At OCR EC I will compete in the female Elite category. This is a choice I made to see where I stand and I feel great at the moment both psychically and mentally. I’ve won the last race I did in Germany and it would be great if this would happen at OCR EC as well. But at OCR EC there will be so many talented and experiences athletes that have been elite runners for a much longer time than me. We shall see! I am going to do my best and most of all I’m going to enjoy it!

How have you been preparing yourself for the Championship?

The last few weeks I have been taking more rest so my body has the time to recover.

What does your typical training/work-out day look like?

I train 5 times a week; long-distance run, interval training, survival or obstacle training, specific training for strength & endurance and a training where I decide what I want to do that day. To keep it more fun 🙂 For me it’s very important that next to all the hard work and training, is has to stay enjoyable as well.

What type of obstacles are a big challenge for you?

I’m a little bit afraid of heights, so that type of obstacles can freak me out a little. I would also like to train for the Gunnors Slide and slider, but unfortunately I haven’t found these nearby.

What achievement are your most proud of?

I am most proud that I’ve lost 20 kg. I feel so good right now and enjoy life to the fullest! In addition one of my proudest achievements is that I will participate at OCR EC surrouned by the best athletes of Europe. If you told me this a year ago I would not have believed it!


Will you race at The OCR World Championship in Canada this year?

Yes! Tickets have been booked and I’ve received my confirmation. So, I’m going to Canada! How cool is that!

What‘s your advice to people that are just starting with Obstacle Course Racing?

Enjoy every moment and smile! That’s the most important thing. Also, don’t forget to look back on what you have achieved. Always keep trying, if something doesn’t work today you will get another chance tomorrow! When I started with OCR there were a lot of obstacle that I couldn’t do, but with a lot of practice and training you will get there !

What’s on your OCR bucketlist?

Toughest mini tour! I did the Toughest in Amsterdam and it was such an aweome race! So now I’m thinking about joining the mini tour next year. I don’t know if it’s possible, but this might be my next big goal!


You can follow Angela and her journey to OCR EC & OCRWC via her instagram (@spartainfitangie). Definitely worth it to check out her inspiring and motivational posts! You will see Angela race at OCR EC on June 4 in Elite category.