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When and where is OCR EC 2017 being held?

The event is being held on Sunday, June 4, 2017.
The location of OCR EC 2017 is the Wald in Wächtersbach-Wittgenborn, in Wächtersbach near Frankfurt am Main.
Address location: Waldensbergerstraße 4, 63607 Wächtersbach, Germany. Frankfurt and Wächtersbach are both part of the German state/province ‘Hessen’.

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How to get there?

If the travel distance from your home to Frankfurt is too big by car or you want to save time, you can very easily travel by plane to Frankfurt. Frankfurt Airport is one of the biggest airports in Europe. At Frankfurt Airport you can rent a car or travel with public transportation. Public transport in Frankfurt is very well organized. Within 12 minutes you can travel from the airport to the city centre of Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is a great city, so it’s definitely worth it to check it out! You can make a fun city trip out of your visit. For inspiration and more information, we recommended this Frankfurt Travel guide and this city guide with tips from locals.

Travel options & Tips

  • By plane.  Destination is Frankfurt Airport (FRA)
  • By trainCheck the website of Rail Europe to see if you can travel by train from your city/country to Frankfurt.
  • Public transport from Frankfurt to Wächtersbach. Name of Wächtersbach railway station is Bahnhof of Wächtersbach. Name central station Frankfurt is Frankfurt am Main Haubtbahnhof or travel from Frankfurt Airport train station (Frankfurt Flughafen)
  • Car. Navigation address: Waldensbergerstraße 4, 63607 Wächtersbach, Germany

Public transport: More information and a route planner for public transport services of the area, go to:
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Where to stay?


There are many possibilities for accommodations in Frankfurt; from budget hotels to four star luxury hotels. It’s your pick! Below we listed some suggestions for hotels near Frankfurt Airport or near the city centre.

Accommodations near OCR EC location (Wächtersbach)

The area of Wächtersbach is definitely worth a visit as well. It’s a beautiful and calming area where you can relax and prepare yourself for the championship. If you want to stay at a location most nearby to the OCR EC, we suggest you search for accommodation options in Wächtersbach or nearby villages. To help you out, we’ve named some villages and places nearby the OCR EC location to help you with your search for accommodations:

  • Wächersbach
  • Bad Orb
  • Gründau
  • Gelnhausen
  • Biebergemünd
  • Brachttal
  • Gelnhausen
  • Bad Soden-Salmünster
  • Büdingen

Useful websites for finding affordable accommodations

An overview of accommodations in or nearby Wächtersbach at can be seen here.
Easily check and search for available accommodations in or nearby Wachtersbach via

Good luck with planning your travel to the OCR European Championship in Germany! If you have any questions, please contact us.