5 money saving tips for travelling OCR addicts

5 money saving tips for travelling OCR addicts

If you want to visit the OCR runs on your bucket list you often have to travel. The number and quality of OCR events continues to grow and so does your list; unfortunately your bank account does not care about that. We have 5 money saving tips for travelling OCR addicts! These tips will help you save money, so you can focus on what’s really important: To start preparing mentally and psychically for your next OCR race!

#1 Search for flights and accommodations online in private browsing mode!

Flight prices can increase based on cookies in your browser when you repeatedly search for a particular route. This often applies to hotel searches as well. If you want the lowest prices make sure you start in a new private window when searching for flights and accommodations. This way your information and searches will not be tracked thus prices will not inflate. How to do this? You can read here how you enable private browsing.

#2 Use Skyscanner and/or other flight search engines

It’s a good idea to use flight search engines if you want to keep track of the best prices. Skyscanner is our favourite, but you can try different flight search engines to see which one has your preference. We recommend you try a combination of flight search engines to ensure you’re not missing the cheapest flights for the destination of your choice.

#3 Consider alternative airports

It can save you money if you look into other airports and not just the one that’s nearest to you. If you identify your options regarding different arrival or departure airports, it could save you money especially when you want to book more than one flight ticket.

#4 Contact Business hotels if you need a place to stay during weekends

Most business hotels are fully booked from Monday to Friday. If you want affordable accommodation for the weekends, try contacting business hotels for a good deal. They often can offer discounts if you’re looking for a room in the weekends.

#5 Choose budget friendly (but mostly more fun) accommodation alternatives

Airbnb is great example of a budget friendly and mostly a more fun way of staying at a destination of your choice. Especially when you want to travel with your OCR team and friends. On Airbnb you find a lot of houses and apartments with multiple bedrooms for affordable prices.